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Gemstone Wishing Stones

Gemstone Wishing Stones

A genie in your pocket! These beautiful assorted gemstones are polished all over, featuring an etched word on one-side and a fidgeting groove on the other. The words etched on the front can serve as a grounding thought and intention that can be revisited throughout the day, especially when struggling with stress, fear, anger, or other emotions that do not serve you. It is believed that rubbing a fidget stone can help clear and calm the mind.

The etched words are selected at random from 15+ affirming and positive words, including but not limited to: Love, Healing, Serenity, Joy, Hope, Courage, Happiness, Strength

  • Stone types and words are selected at random
  • Each stone is unique; color, shape, and size will vary
  • Each stone approx. 1.5" W, 1.5" L, 0.25" H
  • Each stone approx. 1 oz
  • Imported

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