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Gemstone Bonsai Tree

Gemstone Bonsai Tree

With a base of amethyst, this bonsai tree is crafted with branches 'blooming' into a dozen different types of tumbled crystal. Each one offering good vibes and powerful healing energy. These beauties are used for a number of purposes in feng shui practice, depending on its location in your home or simply as a unique centerpiece on a coffee or side table!

  • Dimensions:
    • Large - approx. 6-8" H, 3-4" W
    • Small - approx. 3-4" H, 2" W
  • Weight:
    • Large - approx. 1.75 lb
    • Small - approx. 0.5 lb
  • Each tree and amethyst cluster is unique; Size, shape, and colors will vary

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