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Crystal Collection - Old Earth

Crystal Collection - Old Earth

This collection features fossilized specimens of things that were once living, millions of years ago on the 'Old Earth'. The shapes and patterns of these creatures and plants have been replaced by stones and crystals over millions of years, forever immortalizing their beauty.

AMMONITE - 240 to 65 million years old
ORTHOCERAS - 400+ million years old
POLISHED GONIATITE - 390 to 139 million years old
PETRIFIED WOOD - 200+ million years old

  • Contents include: 1- Ammonite button, 1- Orthoceras button, 1- Polished Goniatite, 1- Petrified Wood, 1- Fossil Description Card, 1- Stamped canvas pouch
  • Stones approx. 1" to 2" length;
  • Each stone is unique. Size and color will vary.

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