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Black Tourmaline on Wood Base - Lot Specials

Black Tourmaline on Wood Base - Lot Specials

Beautiful Brazilian Black Tourmaline (Schorl) specimens mounted on wood bases, allowing for easy and secure displaying. Each specimen is 100% unique and hand selected. Most specimens feature inclusions of other minerals, such as mica, feldspar, calcite, and quartz.

  • Each lot is unique and priced based on weight ($5.00/lb). See table below for full list of lots and weights.
  • You will receive the exact peices shown in the lot labeled with the your selection from the dropdown
Lot ID Pieces Total Weight
BTS-02 4 25.4 lb
BTS-04 4 17.0 lb
BTS-05 3 17.4 lb
BTS-06 4 16.8 lb
BTS-11 4 14.1 lb
BTS-12 4 21.4 lb

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